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DA's Herman Mashaba turned away from Roodepoort Home Affairs

Times LIVE | 2016-02-27 09:49:06.0
Herman Mashaba. File photo.
Image by: Sunday Times

The DA's Herman Mashaba got a first hand taste of service delivery issues in Roodepoort - when a security guard denied him access to its branch of the Department of Home Affairs.

According to the Roodepoort Record, he was with Member of Parliament Anchen Dreyer, Ward 71 councillor Gert Niemand and an entourage of DA campaign organisers.

Dreyer and Niemand explained that there was a parking issue which forced people going to Home Affairs to park illegally.

This meant that people trying to get government services - ended up getting traffic fines.

There is apparently a space nearby that could be turned into a parking lot - but nothing has been done to make it happen.

Mashaba wanted to speak to the branch manager, Pearl Poto, and thus marched through the gates with his entourage.

Security told him he could march back out again - as they had been told not to let them in. They further said Poto wasn't in her office.

After arguing with security - the group moved on to the Roodepoort Licensing Department.


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