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We must go back to areas where there were protests - ANC

Karabo Ngoepe | 2016-03-06 21:29:30.0
Zizi Kodwa says ANC MPs should have tabled a counter-motion that would not have differed with the EFF's motion in principle, rather than opting for outright rejection.
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Areas that were rocked by protests during the voter registration weekend must be visited and the problems addressed, the ANC said on Sunday.

“We must go back to those communities and address the issues that the people were raising but at the same time, we will call on communities that whatever difficulties they face, they must allow people to register,” ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said.

He said despite protests in a few areas and people not registering in those areas, the voter registration weekend was a huge success.

He said the protests must also be seen as a form of participation.

“We think the work that has been done for the past 15 years of local government; people are now appreciating the importance of local government. That is why there was a high level of participation. Including in areas where there were protests. That is a form of participation. People were expressing their unhappiness,” he said.

Kodwa said although people have a right to protest and express dissatisfaction, not voting was not the way to go to have their problems resolved.

“A vote is important. It’s the only way they can participate and improve whatever difficulties they face. Not voting is not going solve their problems. Come the next round of registration, we will focus on those communities where there were protests to make sure people come out because its only in the interests of those communities that people register to vote,”Kodwa said.

“They must register and vote for a person of their choice, a party of their choice. Someone who will then address the issues they have now. It’s only through a vote that they can have a voice,” he added.

Kodwa said the ANC was happy with the overall turnout and the enthusiasm that was shown by the youth.

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