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Man comments on his own wanted poster, asks why he's top of the list

Times LIVE | 2016-03-24 14:14:05.0
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Police in Linden, Alabama found that putting Roderick Hill's wanted poster on Facebook really paid off - when he commented on it.

According to the UK Mirror Roderick Hill wanted to know why his face was on top of the police's wanted list.

The police posted "Roderick Hill of Linden and Mobile is wanted for Attempting to Elude, considered armed. Anyone caught helping him will be charged with Hindering Prosecution."

In other words - he ran away from the cops.

"Wtf?? Man y'all doing too much... it's murderers out here and y'all worried bout lil ol' me? Wow...sad," Hill responded in a comment.

He further explained, "And it was not a high-speed chase I ran on foot so it's not even a felony..."

One of the other people on the page pointed out that he should probably turn off his location on his phone.

This is not the first time somebody has commented on their own wanted poster in the US.

According to The Controversial Times Butler the County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office in March of 2015 posted a picture of wanted fugitive Andrew Marcum.

Marcum responded by saying, 'I ain't tripping, half of them don't even know me.'

He wasn't quite so cocky when they caught him the next day.

Later that year Levi Charles Reardon, another alleged social media smooth criminal, was caught by Sherrif's deputies in Cascade County, Montana after he liked his own wanted poster featured on its Crime Stoppers Facebook page according to AOL.

While he redacted his like later, it was still enough for the cops to track him down.

Reardon was charged with stealing a wallet and passing fake cheques.


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