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Tue May 30 05:28:00 SAST 2017

2017 will be year of the rescue of the revolution‚ says Azapo

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2017 will be the year of the rescue of the revolution‚ according to Azapo‚ which says 2016 was “downright more painful for the majority of us than we deserved”.

In a New Year’s message it said that history would never “forgive us for handing back our own freedom and liberation on a platter to the colonialists‚ racists and white settler-minority regime”.

“Of course one must add: with the collusion of the black comprador bourgeoisie under the leadership of the African National Congress and its homeland allies. In short‚ the ANC sold us out and we all colluded and should‚ therefore‚ take collective blame‚” the black consciousness organisation said.

It added that the weight and gravity of corruption and the rot that the so-called national democratic revolution under the “patently corrupt” ANC government exhibited had caused all to pale into insignificance.

“From state departments‚ to state enterprises‚ to parliamentary committees and formations‚ to ruling party leadership structures‚ to erstwhile respectable comrades and revolutionaries- there is no limit. It's been a national tragedy.”

From a revolutionary perspective‚ though‚ the year 2016 has been a great year‚ Azapo averred.

“This year comrade Jacob Zuma found out that South Africa is a constitutional democracy - however deceptive the white western liberal democratic concept is - and not a personal fiefdom

“This year impunity was subjected to scrutiny in such a way that the State Enterprises were reminded they are not a law unto themselves and their deployees are not God.

“This year the SABC Board was finally reminded that party political loyalty‚ especially of non-descript nonentities of no struggle background‚ will not last over against the need for integrity and the commitment to realizing the noble goals of freedom and liberation

“This year the truth‚ even in the hands of reactionary forces of the status quo like the Democratic Alliance (DA) and the tongues and throats of populism such as the rest of unhappy masses‚ redefined politics and announced the smell of coffee to the complacent historical forces‚” Azapo stated.

For a considerable while‚ a solitary figure‚ in the person of the public protector‚ advocate Thuli Madonsela‚ had also kept the hopes of the nation alive‚ it added.


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