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Jeppe Police Station commander absent 156 days in two years: DA

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On duty SAPS member. File photo.
Image by: Daniel Born

In the absence of its commander “there has been no noted effect on the operation” of Jeppe Police Station‚ Jack Bloom was told.

But‚ said the “outraged”Democratic Alliance councillor: “The area is plagued by drugs and problem buildings.”

He said his party’s “ward councillor‚ Carlos Da Rocha‚ and residents in Bez Valley did their own night patrols to stop rampant theft of water meters. Furthermore‚ house-breakings and murders have increased”.

This came as Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane revealed that Brigadier Govandsamy Mariemuthoo has been absent from his job for 156 days following his appointment at Jeppe more than two years ago.

The top cop had‚ according to information quoted by Bloom‚ taken “70 days vacation leave‚ 22 days sick leave‚ and 64 days temporary incapacity leave for what is described as an ‘Alleged IOD : Injury Left Knee’ ”.

“This means that he was absent for more than 30% of the time‚ which is excessive and affects the functioning of the station which is in a high-crime area‚” Bloom said.

“Nkosi-Malobane says that his period of absence was in accordance with the leave national instruction (leave and medical certificate were submitted). An acting station commander is always appointed during his absence so “there has been no noted effect on the operation of the police station”.”

Bloom said that he suspected that “Mariemuthoo is a serial malingerer” and claimed that when he was the station commander of Benoni‚ “he was investigated after taking 106 days sick leave‚ 39 days study leave‚ 122 days normal vacation and capped leave‚ as well as three days of family responsibility leave”.

Mariemuthoo - who was “temporarily removed from his post there and reinstated following a labour court ruling” – is‚ said Bloom‚ “a poor example at this police station which suffers from a 14% general absenteeism rate”.

Bloom said he would campaign to have Mariemuthoo removed.

“We will mobilise the community for him to go as he does not seem to want to do the job he is supposed to do.”


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