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Dragon cargo ship arrives at space station after GPS hiccup

An unmanned cargo ship packed with food and supplies for astronauts arrived safely at the International Space Station Thursday, a day after SpaceX aborted the process due to a GPS problem.

FILE PHOTO - An Apple iPhone 7 and the company logo are seen in this illustration picture taken in Bordeaux

Tech breakthroughs take a backseat in upcoming Apple iPhone launch

When Apple Inc launches its much-anticipated 10th anniversary iPhone this fall, it will offer an unwitting lesson in how much the smartphone industry it pioneered has matured.

R400,000 raised after staff assaulted and rhino slaughtered at animal orphanage

Almost R400 000 has been raised in less than 24 hours for a KwaZulu-Natal rhino orphanage after a brutal attack in which a woman was sexually assaulted and two rhino died.

Earth-like exoplanets prime target in search for life: study

The stunning discovery of seven Earth-like planets orbiting a small star in our galaxy opens up the most promising hunting ground so far for life beyond the Solar System, researchers said Wednesday.

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Future of online shopping in SA is mobile‚ says PayPal chief

High mobile penetration will help South Africa to close the gap on other ecommerce markets.

Off-label antidepressant use not backed by science: study

Most off-label use of antidepressants is not backed by evidence that the drugs will work as intended, scientists said Wednesday.

Open your doors for HIV tests

Soon South Africa will be able to learn if its HIV infection rate is going down and if HIV positive people are taking ARVs and staying alive.

KZN bucks eat shoots and leaves - and they need your help

The buck stops here‚ is the message from a Durban based NGO that is calling on local residents to help feed Coral and four other convalescents. And the grub they are asking for is indigenous foliage - and plenty of it.

South Africans increasingly ditching cash and queues for online shopping

South Africans are fast getting over their cyber anxiety‚ as more and more are choosing to ditch cash and queues for online shopping.


Tiny plastic particles from clothing, tyres clogging oceans: report

Invisible particles washed off products like synthetic clothing and car tyres account for up to a third of the plastic polluting oceans, impacting eco-systems and human health, a top conservationist body warned Wednesday.

Now you can enjoy a six-pack and snack on the rings holding it together

Sun‚ sea and beer. It’s the South African way of life.

Seagrass on decline, jeopardizing human, coral health: study

Underwater meadows of seagrass offer important protection against pollution to both humans and coral reefs, but are in jeopardy worldwide due to climate change, sewage and agricultural runoff, researchers said Thursday.
File picture of a mining shovel loading a mining truck at the Los Bronces copper mine northeast of Santiago

Deep sea mining gets a second look

The risk of running out of rare earth metals that are essential to modern technology has led to a surge in interest in mining the deep seas.
Vehicles drive on the Fourth Ring Road during the smog in Beijing

Air pollution linked to 2.7 million premature births a year - scientists

Curbing outdoor air pollution may help prevent 2.7 million premature births a year, a condition that threatens children's lives and increases their risk of long-term physical and neurological problems, scientists said on Thursday.


As solar refrigerator keeps mangoes cold, farmers’ profits heat up

It is a hot and cloudless morning, a sign that it will be sunny right through the afternoon. Joseph Mailu moves along rows of fruiting mango trees with a long pole in his hand, harvesting the mature fruits.

Nokia 3310 – the year 2000 called‚ its phone is back

The Nokia 3310 is fondly remembered for being one of the most reliable phones ever made – and it is making a comeback.

Mattress on cell floor, toilet in the corner for Samsung scion in corruption scandal

For Jay Y. Lee, the third-generation leader of South Korea's massive Samsung Group and scion of the country's wealthiest family, home is now a 6.56 square meter detention cell with a toilet in the corner behind a partition.
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Iran gets set for Internet of Things launch

Intelligent transportation and gas meters you can read from your phone: the Internet of Things is heading for Iran thanks to a deal announced Thursday.

Cyber warriors see politics muddying security efforts

President Donald Trump has vowed to improve cyber attack defense, but security experts meeting this week say a fractious domestic and international political landscape could hamstring efforts to improve internet security.


'Father of Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura dies at 91

Masaya Nakamura, the Japanese video game pioneer known as the "father of Pac-Man", has died aged 91, his company said Monday.

Super Mario Runs into a pricey paywall

Nintendo Co Ltd's first Mario smartphone title has set a download record but gamers baulked at the one-time cost of unlocking content, prompting investors to push the Japanese game makers' stock to a one-month low.

Android deal puts Africa on cusp of first-ever smartphone plant

A Johannesburg startup is set to become the first company ever to manufacture smartphones in Africa, taking advantage of low costs and growing local demand to build handsets, tablets and other devices based on Google Inc.’s Android system.

Nintendo to release Super Mario Run in mobile game test

Nintendo will on Thursday release Super Mario Run, its first iPhone game and a key test of its foray into mobile gaming, hot on the heels of the Pokemon Go craze.
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SA’s gaming industry held back by lack of financial muscle

When gaming federation Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) called for local developers to submit games to be considered for its 2017 competitive circuit‚ no one came forward.