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Massive Antarctic ice shelf ready to break apart

A chunk of ice half the size of Jamaica which is breaking away from West Antarctica is now attached to its parent ice shelf just by a thread, scientists reported Friday.

Ants are expert navigators, even walking backwards: study

Despite their tiny size, ants are sophisticated navigators that can find their way even while walking backwards, and these skills could help inspire better robots, scientists say.

Shaming and blaming: Five ways to tackle the water-wasters in YOUR life

You’ve tightened the taps‚ skipped a few showers and used grey water on the plants. Now the real challenge is how to get others to do their bit for saving water during the worst drought the country has seen in three decades.

The planet Mars showing showing Terra Meridiani is seen in an undated NASA image

Scientists enter Hawaii dome in eight-month Mars space mission study

Six scientists have entered a dome perched atop a remote volcano in Hawaii where they will spend the next eight months in isolation to simulate life for astronauts traveling to Mars, the University of Hawaii said.

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Hippos have right of way‚ motorists warned

Motorists and residents in a northern KwaZulu-Natal coastal town are on hippo alert after sightings of the hefty mammals.

Private school kids love desks made from 'rubbish'

“Greening” is an art at Chistlehurst School in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal.

Power upgrade spacewalk begins for French, US astronauts

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet stepped out on his first spacewalk Friday to help upgrade the power system outside the International Space Station with new, refrigerator-sized lithium-ion batteries.

WATCH: Tomato ancestor evolved near Antartica

The nightshade family, which includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and brinjals, may have evolved near Antarctica according to new research.

Tender traps ready for hungry rooikats

South African wildlife rangers are stepping up efforts to hunt a pair of caracal cats blamed for killing endangered penguins at a tourist beach near Cape Town, officials said yesterday.


Saudi unveils first wind turbine

A new breeze blew in Saudi Arabia Tuesday when the oil-dependent kingdom inaugurated its first wind turbine as part of a renewable energy drive.

Climate science bedeviled by 'tipping points'

Of the many things that keep climate scientists awake at night, tipping points may be the scariest.
A bee collects pollen from a Christmas Rose blossoms on a sunny morning in Hanau

Cape's floral richness means it's heaven for creepy-crawlies

Insects are thriving in one of South Africa’s eight world heritage sites.

Climate changing for 'green bonds' even in face of Trump scepticism

A niche market in debt raised to fund environmental projects may be set for significant growth and could make a bigger contribution to the trillions of dollars needed to stop the world overheating.
File Photo: A rusty patched bumble bee

Bee placed on endangered list after US habitat loss

US officials for the first time have placed a bee found in the continental United States on the endangered species list.

Russia's Vavilov institute, guardian of world's lost plants

Stacked high beneath vaulted ceilings in a tsarist-era building, cabinets store the seeds of thousands of plant varieties, many long gone from their original areas of habitat or cultivation.


Zimbabwe data prices, a frontline in anti-Mugabe protests

For opponents of Zimbabwe's veteran President Robert Mugabe, internet data charges have become a key battlefront in their campaign against a regime that often cracks down violently on dissent.

Clocks 'failed' onboard Europe's navigation satellites: ESA

The European Space Agency announced Wednesday there were "failed" clocks onboard some of the 18 navigation satellites it has launched for Galileo, Europe's beleaguered rival to America's GPS.

Nintendo reboots with new Switch game console

Nintendo unveiled its new Switch game console Friday, which works both at home and on-the-go, as it tries to offset disappointing Wii U sales and compete with Sony's big-selling PlayStation 4.

Conflict in Africa blocking efforts to save giraffes

Selma saunters on her stilt-like legs, batting thick lashes as she extends a blackish tongue -- as long as an arm -- to grab pellets offered by an awed tourist.

Will 2017 be the year of the sexbot?

Sex with robots is "just around the corner", an expert told a global conference in London this week featuring interactive sex toys and discussions on the ethics of relationships with humanoids.


Super Mario Runs into a pricey paywall

Nintendo Co Ltd's first Mario smartphone title has set a download record but gamers baulked at the one-time cost of unlocking content, prompting investors to push the Japanese game makers' stock to a one-month low.

Android deal puts Africa on cusp of first-ever smartphone plant

A Johannesburg startup is set to become the first company ever to manufacture smartphones in Africa, taking advantage of low costs and growing local demand to build handsets, tablets and other devices based on Google Inc.’s Android system.

Nintendo to release Super Mario Run in mobile game test

Nintendo will on Thursday release Super Mario Run, its first iPhone game and a key test of its foray into mobile gaming, hot on the heels of the Pokemon Go craze.
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SA’s gaming industry held back by lack of financial muscle

When gaming federation Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) called for local developers to submit games to be considered for its 2017 competitive circuit‚ no one came forward.

Review: The Dell Pandora 7559 - solid performance for a solid price

The Dell Pandora 7559 is an entry-level gaming laptop that delivers a solid performance for a decent price.