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Homo naledi.

Homo naledi's a youngster at just 250‚000 years‚ say surprised scientists

Nineteen months after the discovery of 15 skeletons at the Cradle of Humankind sparked a worldwide fossil frenzy‚ two new pieces of the Homo naledi puzzle have emerged.

Deforestation from a tree's perspective at the TED conference

A pair of filmmakers at the prestigious TED Conference used virtual reality to allow people to experience the ravages of deforestation -- from the perspective of a tree.

British inventor takes flight in 'Iron Man' suit

British inventor Richard Browning lifted off from the shore of Vancouver Harbor on Thursday in a personal flight suit that inspired references to comic superhero 'Iron Man.'


To infinity and beyond: Africa's space boom

Across Africa‚ countries are increasingly turning to the skies in order to solve problems on the ground.

SA Sci-Tech

Orange industry in big trouble

The orange industry is facing a “disaster”‚ with up to 40% of navels dropping off trees in the Eastern Cape.

Google's search for a Freedom Day doodle ends with SA's Enoch Sontonga

The composer of part of the national anthem‚ Enoch Sontonga‚ is honoured in Google’s Freedom Day doodle on Thursday.

WATCH: Baby elephant helps mama scare off scary game drive vehicle

The Kruger National Park uploaded a video of an elephant calf joining its mother in a charge towards safari tourists.

Revealed: how the gold arrived in them thar hills of the Witwatersrand

The mystery of the Witwatersrand basin’s unparalleled gold deposits has been unravelled ... by ocean scientists.

WATCH: 'This is big': Tim Noakes delighted after he is cleared of misconduct

Smothered in hugs and almost in tears‚ Professor Tim Noakes received the news of having his name cleared with huge smile on his face.


Pay up by showing the finger: SA to get world's first biometric credit cards

South Africans will be the first in the world to use biometric credit cards.
Red wine being poured into a glass.

When Nature vents her wrath on grapes

Making wine is a tough job in most places, what with frost, hail, drought and bushfires to contend with.

WATCH: Hungry caterpillar munches on plastic shopping bags

A moth caterpillar commonly bred to provide fish bait feasts on a notoriously resistant plastic, scientists reported Monday, raising hopes the creature can help manage the global problem of plastic-bag pollution.

Wildlife petting industry under scrutiny in wake of recent attacks

Multiple attacks in March and April have prompted conservation groups and the head of South African Tourism to seriously re-evaluate the “wildlife petting” industry.

Oh sheet - politician's bizarre drought plan gets blown away

An Indian politician who attempted to cover a dam in sheets of polystyrene has been left red-faced after his bizarre water-saving scheme backfired.


Scientists find footprint of unknown ancient reptile in Spain

Scientists have discovered a fossilised footprint from about 247 to 248 million years ago in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain which they believe was made by a previously unknown species of reptile.

Twitter creates 'lite' version for data-starved users

Twitter Inc is launching a faster version of its mobile service aimed at people with sporadic connections or little data on their smartphone plans, hoping to pick up users in harder-to-reach emerging markets.

Quadriplegic man regains use of arm in medical first: study

A decade after a bike crash that left an American man paralysed from the shoulders down, he can again feed himself, researchers hailing a medical first reported Wednesday.

Samsung launches Galaxy S8 and dreams of recovery from Note 7

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd unveiled its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone as it battles to regain the market leadership it lost to Apple Inc after the embarrassing withdrawal of the fire-prone Note 7s.

Samsung to sell refurbished safety-recalled Note 7 phones

Samsung announced Monday it would sell some Note 7 smartphones that were recalled for safety reasons as refurbished devices, in an effort to manage its stockpile in an "environmentally friendly" manner.


Nintendo Switch game console is displayed at an electronics store in Tokyo

Nintendo Switch hits the shelves

Nintendo's Switch console went on sale Friday in a global launch seen as key to the Japanese videogame giant reversing flagging sales and moving past the failure of its last console, the Wii U.

'Father of Pac-Man' Masaya Nakamura dies at 91

Masaya Nakamura, the Japanese video game pioneer known as the "father of Pac-Man", has died aged 91, his company said Monday.

Super Mario Runs into a pricey paywall

Nintendo Co Ltd's first Mario smartphone title has set a download record but gamers baulked at the one-time cost of unlocking content, prompting investors to push the Japanese game makers' stock to a one-month low.

Android deal puts Africa on cusp of first-ever smartphone plant

A Johannesburg startup is set to become the first company ever to manufacture smartphones in Africa, taking advantage of low costs and growing local demand to build handsets, tablets and other devices based on Google Inc.’s Android system.

Nintendo to release Super Mario Run in mobile game test

Nintendo will on Thursday release Super Mario Run, its first iPhone game and a key test of its foray into mobile gaming, hot on the heels of the Pokemon Go craze.