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Hunger may explain female insect's penis

Scientists on Thursday described four insect species that dwell in extremely dry caves in Brazil, feed on bat guano and possess what the researchers called an "evolutionary novelty."

File photo of customers looking at HTC smartphones in a mobile phone shop in Taipei

What HTC's SA strategy reveals about its global woes

Two of the most incredible Android phones ever created were both launched in the last few weeks, by global manufacturers Samsung and HTC.


Nearly a fifth of China's farmland polluted

Nearly one-fifth of China's farmland is polluted, mostly from yearslong accumulations of toxins from factories, mining and agriculture, the government said.

Japan to continue 'scientific' whaling in Pacific

Japan has decided to continue its whaling programme in the Pacific Ocean, reports said, despite losing a United Nations court case on its other "research" hunt in the Antarctic.

SA Sci-Tech

Johannesburg going green: Tau

The City of Johannesburg will be investing more money in the green economy to cope with increasing energy demand, create jobs and reduce its carbon emissions footprint.

Johannesburg to get citywide free Wi-Fi: Tau

Johannesburg citizens will now enjoy free Wi-Fi spots across the city as the council embarks on improving Internet access.

Icasa denies radio licences to prominent figures

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has denied some prominent South Africans radio licences, according to a report.


Paleontologists discover oldest ancestor of land-dwelling herbivores

Paleontologists unearthed the oldest ancestor of land-dwelling herbivores with the discovery of a 300-million-year-old skeleton, shedding light onto plant eaters' emergence on land, a study said.

Animal rights activist jailed for blackmail plot

A British animal rights activist was jailed for six years on Thursday for her part in a Europe-wide campaign of intimidation targeting a leading animal testing company.

Snake eats centipede - then centipede eats snake from inside

A Serbian herpetologist in Macedonia came across a young viper - with a centipede sticking out of its abdomen according to a report.


BlackBerry plans Heartbleed patches

BlackBerry said it plans to release security updates for messaging software for Android and iOS devices by Friday to address vulnerabilities in programs related to the "Heartbleed" security threat.


Videogames not bad for schoolwork: study

Contrary to popular belief, videogames don't particularly impact on academic performance according to a study.

Research and researchers

India's mission to Mars crosses half-way mark

India's first mission to Mars successfully crossed the half-way mark on Wednesday, four months after leaving on an voyage to the Red Planet scheduled to take 11 months, the space agency said.