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'Plants vs Zombies 2' team explain sequel's attraction

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Video screenshot: the 'Plants vs Zombies 2' world map takes players on a journey.
Image by: PopCap Games / EA / ©All rights reserved

How is ‘Plants vs Zombies 2’ going to feel just like the first game "but be just as good or better"?

Staff from game studio PopCap explain this in the app's latest trailer.

New to Plants vs Zombies " is a world map, so players can see how far they've come and choose which levels to play next.

Main character Crazy Dave has accidentally time-travelled back to ancient Egypt, the pirate seas, and the Wild West, the three level styles introduced to Plants vs Zombies 2.

It doesn't stop there, as "even though we've released three worlds, we want to have new and more content all the time," says user experience director Adrien Yorozu.

According to senior producer Allen Murray, another major game changer is what they're calling Plant Food, "one offs -- a little special power," that allows the team to bring back original plants and give them a new twist.

Linking back into plans for extra content is the Plants vs Zombies 2 transition from a paid app to free.

Here's the background theory: the more players that play your game, the more that will get a taste for it, and eventually spend greater amounts for in-game additions (i.e., new levels) and advantages (plant food), and enough of them will actually spend more than they would have on buying the game.

It was "the biggest change of all" according to graphic artist Mark Barrett.

That means giving players "tons of content, and not really gate them with money or recruiting friends," explained game engineer Michael Fromwiller. "[We] just let them enjoy the game, and when they find something they really like they can, you know, they can grab it."

Plants vs Zombies 2 is available now from the New Zealand and Australia iTunes stores, with a worldwide release anticipated soon.


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