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Black dog breed rejected by South African animal inspector

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Black is beautiful‚ the saying goes. But not if your credentials are being called into question.

The Registrar of Animal Improvement‚ Joel Mamabola‚ has ordered breeders of black Boerbul to bring him “scientific proof” from an internationally accredited institution that the colour is as acceptable as fawn‚ brown‚ or brindle for the breed‚ which is widely considered the most agile of the mastiff-type dogs.

The dog is a South African breed and the debate about black being part of the breed standard for a Boerbul has raged for many years‚ amid concerns that the colour comes from cross-breeding. It was omitted when the breed standard was set in 1983 but won recognition in 2008 as breeders fought to save the black genes.

The South African Boerbul Breeders Society‚ which has an interim steering committee and is trying to get universal acceptance within its constituency for a new constitution‚ met with the Registrar on December 1‚ 2015‚ where he informed them that he would not accept the black colour being part of the breed.

“It is a great disappointment that all the hard work and all the hours invested by numerous people and three rounds of public participation to come up with a Constitution acceptable to most‚ is disregarded because of one aspect – the colour black.

"As a result a widely consulted Constitution and Breed Standard‚ taking into account the opinion of many members are just wiped off the table. All the amendments to improve on‚ and have a Breed Standard to be proud of‚ are ignored because somehow the Registrar is influenced by outside parties who cannot prove that the Black Boerboel is not a Boerboel‚” the society said in a statement published on its website after the meeting.

“Given the above‚ SABBS has no choice but to suspend the black colour as an accepted colour in the Breed Standard‚ as instructed by the Registrar‚ until further notice.” The society said it would seek advise on what type of scientific proof would be required and how this could be obtained. It warned that the cost of testing all black Boerboels by identified breeders and owners would likely have to be at their own cost.

On Friday 22 January‚ the Department of Agriculture‚ Forestry and Fisheries issued a statement “to clarify” the statement published by the SABBS’ Interim Executive Steering Committee.

The department said the Registrar would accept the SABBS Constitution‚ passed by members at the Special General Meeting on 6 July 2015‚ “only if the black colour is excluded as part of the Boerboel breed standard‚ subject to the outcome of the proposed scientific investigation on the black colour”.

“The scientific research on the black Boerboel must be done at any International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) accredited institution.

“Subject to the outcome of the research‚ breeders of black Boerboels are urged to continue submitting birth notifications of all black litters and puppies; however‚ such registration will be cancelled if the scientific study proves otherwise.”


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