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Sun Apr 23 21:44:32 SAST 2017

Seacom suffering 'critical outage' - brace for slow Internet

TMG Digital | 2016-01-28 10:24:26.0
Part of the Seacom cable
Part of the Seacom cable

Slower than usual Internet speed may be experienced in South Africa again today as Seacom issued an alert for a “critical outage”.

Seacom‚ whose undersea fibre broadband cable also links South Africa with East Africa and Europe‚ said in a statement it was “experiencing multiple outages on the terrestrial network across Egypt. All our international connectivity through Egypt has been affected since 06:00GMT on the 28th January 2016. Repair teams are on site. Seacom continues to monitor the situation closely and will provide necessary updates”.

South African Internet service providers also use the Seacom cable for data.

Mweb said on its Facebook page today: “We can confirm that a Seacom outage is currently affecting international bandwidth. Sufficient fail over capacity is available via WACS‚ but peer to peer protocols will experience degraded service”.

This is the second time problems have been experienced so far this year. Seacom also issued a critical outage alert on January 21.


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