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Mon May 29 00:18:07 SAST 2017

Nokia 3310 – the year 2000 called‚ its phone is back

TMG Digital | 2017-02-17 16:05:04.0
A Nokia 3310
Image by: Ebay

The Nokia 3310 is fondly remembered for being one of the most reliable phones ever made – and it is making a comeback.

Venturebeat reports that the phone’s comeback will be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress. The new incarnation of the 3310 is expected to retail at about €59 (R818).

The 3310 is certainly not a smartphone. The safe answer to whether it will come with all the modern bells and whistles is “no”.

Will it have WLAN? No. Bluetooth? No. GPS? No. Radio? No.

What is its camera like? There isn’t one.

Even the screen is monochrome.

So what does it have? While it is extremely basic‚ this is a phone you use to phone and text people and that is about it‚ it boasts a standby battery life that can last up to 245 hours‚ and a chassis that is famous for being nigh indestructible.

You can check out its full specs at GSMArena.

The Mobile World Congress will be in Barcelona‚ and run from 27 Feb to 2 March.


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