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Mailbag: 4 March 2012

REDI Tlhabi is right, "No amount of spin can doctor ill-conceived notions of necessity" (February 26). President Jacob Zuma is focusing more on constitutional matters than on the service delivery he promised.


He must respect the constitution and the rule of law. Mandela and Mbeki never questioned the ability of the Constitutional Court. - Mokgoba Masiela, by e-mail

REDI Tlhabi's column was spot on: she is rapidly becoming one of South Africa's foremost political commentators. Her views originate from an unbiased, thoughtful place. And, importantly, she has emotional intelligence in abundance. - Estelle Neethling, Cape Town


PHYLICIA Oppelt paints a ghastly picture of a brutalised society - but at the same time she says that corrective measures by parents could be to blame - "Demon of bullying a reflection of a brutalised society" (February 26). This could be misconstrued as saying strict parents are breeding bullies!! -Aphiwe Zonke, by e-mail

Lazy, greedy

MICHAEL Spicer appears to have some hands-on experience of the causes of mass unemployment; lack of skills; uncompetitiveness; lack of a work ethic; and the downright greed of all sectors of our working population, hence the apt headline "Lose the short-term thinking" (February 26). - Fred Hirsch, Randpark Ridge

Taxed payers

CAIPHUS Kgosana's article "SA ready to roll out R300bn nuclear stations" refers. But there is one great leveller - money! I guess the government thinks it will come from the taxpayers. That's us - the law-abiding people who actually render unto Caesar what is Caesar's. - Concerned infra-structure supporter

Bully for Ben

I LOVED, "I beat the budget blues with a brilliant back yard booze breakthrough" (February 26). A side-splitting laugh. More from Ben Trovato!- Patrick West, by e-mail

BEST news ever. Ben Trovato is immortal! - Theo, Rivonia