SUNDAY TIMES - Geekchic : 8 April 2012
Sunday Times STLive By Shanthini Naidoo , 2012-04-08 00:16:10.0

Geekchic : 8 April 2012


Cyberspace is as much an outlet for the unvoiced as it is for the crazies - among those, the protesters who refused to buy Woolies hot-cross buns because they stuck a "halal" label on them, rendering them "unChristian".


Then there were those who said the actors in The Hunger Games were inappropriately cast because they were not the colour they imagined them to be when reading the books. Get a grip. No wonder a US company has created a business from selling toilet paper that has your tweets printed on it.


I can't decide if this is eerie or cool. Ahead of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic next Sunday, @TitanicRealTime Twitter feed has, for the past month, been counting down the ill-fated ship's journey with day-by-day tweets as if from on board. The genius of The History Press publishers features tweets from the captain: "Exactly a month now before Titanic's journey begins, I cannot wait to see her completed and on the ocean!" Crew says: "Jumping into those waters even in a lifebelt will still result in death. Still, it won't happen ..." First class passenger: "I hope we have sufficient heating in our quarters, it is sure to be cold as we travel across the icy Atlantic waters". Reporter: "Will she live up to expectations?" and more. History buffs will love the Titanic Voyage app, with deck plans and construction, modern-day images of the wreck and survivor interviews. R30 on iTunes.


For a glimpse of the next frontier in music production, check out The National School of the Arts incredible iPad band. The videos show snippets of their renditions of Miriam Makeba's Pata Pata and Snow Patrol's If I Lay Here. But the four young musos, including a talented songstress, don't just do covers. They are also creating their own music solely using instruments from the GarageBand app. Search for "Revolutionising Education: iPad in South African Schools" on YouTube or the NSA Facebook page.


Pair: the blog for two, Facebook for me and you. This app is a two-person social network for couples, but it will stop the rest of us gagging at mushy public declarations of love forever. The creators describe it as a timeline for your relationship that no one else will see. It lets you message your significant other, share your location and (don't throw up) "thumb-kiss". The feature lets you see where your partner is touching their screen, you touch the same spot and your phones vibrate simultaneously. Available from iTunes.


Get the app "A Postcard a Day From Gauteng" by the Love Jozi design team. Daily images of Gauteng by the country's best creatives are delivered to your device, free. You can also submit pictures which could be selected for the postcard of the day - but go easy on the skyscapes, which seem to trend on Twitter at sunset every day. Available for BlackBerry, Android and i-devices.

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