SUNDAY TIMES - This proposal you can afford to refuse
Sunday Times STLive By Shalandra Bunseelal, 2012-04-08 00:16:05.0

This proposal you can afford to refuse

A few years ago, Aditya Dutt made the hit movie Aashiq Banaya Aapne. Though the film lacked a decent story, it had a chartbusting soundtrack which probably was the only reason it became a success.

  • WILL YOU MARRY ME? (6/10)

Now Dutt brings together a fresh cast featuring rising talents like Rajeev Khandewal (Rajveer), Shreyas Talpade(Aarav) and former supermodel Muzamil Ibrahim (Nikhil).


A TALE about friendship and marriage, the movie focuses on three bachelors who take a bet with a group of friends to win a huge amount of money. The one who outdoes the others in avoiding marriage is crowned the eventual winner. However, along the way their friendship is tested as Nikhil decides to take the plunge. Planning for the beach wedding is smooth until Nikhil's two friends fall in love with the same girl and a gangster arrives on the scene with a deadly threat.


DUTT has conceived a nice concept, but he loses the plot by introducing unnecessary subplots and relying on a lacklustre script. What should have been a fresh, breezy, light wedding entertainer impresses in a few scenes but comes across as a half-baked sexual comedy.


THE leading ladies, who include Celina Jaitley, Tripta Prashar and Mugda Godse, are poorly cast and their talents wasted. The three lead actors are far more pleasurable to watch, though Khandewal has the tendency to overact at times. Talpade is decent and reliable, while Ibrahim shows immense potential in his second released movie. Ibrahim, who made a fantastic debut in Dhoka, shows he can rise up in the ranks when working with filmmakers who are able to exploit his untapped talent.


THE saving grace is the music, which has taken a while to be appreciated in South Africa. The pick of the lot is Kalma and the haunting song of heartbreak Soniye, sung by Rahat Fateh Ali.


DESPITE some loopholes, there is a nice glossy feel to the movie which is provided by the exotic locations in Dubai and Bangkok. These are beautifully shot.

However, without this great camera work, the pleasant music and some eye candy for the ladies with Ibrahim, Will You Marry Me is a proposal that most will turn down.