SUNDAY TIMES - Antiterror nannies trained for the rich and vulnerable
Sunday Times Business By AFP, 2017-05-14 00:00:00.0

Antiterror nannies trained for the rich and vulnerable

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Britain's prestigious Norland College, which has trained the crème de la crème of the world's nannies for more than a century, has added antiterrorism training to its curriculum.

For 125 years, the college in Bath, southwest England, has trained modern-day incarnations of Mary Poppins to care for the children of the global elite, including most recently Britain's Prince George.

It was the world's first college to offer childcare courses, but students are now taking lessons on evasive driving and cybersecurity provided by former intelligence officers.

The training aimed to give nannies a "foundation to think ahead and prepare for potentially threatening changes in their environment", said Paul Gibson, former head of UK Counter Terrorism.

Due to threats facing wealthy individuals and their families, nannies were "in a unique position to both be targeted and to act as a credible obstacle to actions such as kidnap".

Norland graduates command the highest salaries and secure the most sought-after posts.

The college now offers nannies self-defence and safe-driving skills. The latest addition will show "our clients that they'll be able to have someone who will be able, we hope, to cope in most circumstances", Norland's director, Janet Rose, told BBC Radio.