SUNDAY TIMES - How to change careers with no tears
Sunday Times Careers By Margaret Harris, 2017-04-16 00:00:00.0

How to change careers with no tears

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The era of staying put in one company, or even one profession, slowly moving up the ranks until it is time to retire, is over.

But making a big career change is not easy, and if not managed properly, can lead to regrets.

Lyndy van den Barselaar, the MD of recruitment company Manpower South Africa, says: "The digital transformation is making some roles obsolete, but is also opening up several new industries.

"This has seen many people moving into new career fields ... and has highlighted the importance of continuous training and upskilling."

She has the following advice:

Acknowledge the role your job plays in your life. Making a hasty change that threatens the security of your family is not fair. "Be sure to consider how your new career path will affect your relationships, finances and daily life, as well as how it aligns with your goals and aspirations.";

Get some professional advice. You need to be sure that a career change is what you want and you are not confusing being in a rut with wanting a much bigger change. "Sometimes, talking to someone with more experience and exposure to the market can help you identify issues or opportunities that you may not have considered," says Van den Barselaar;

If, after careful thought, you decide that change is what you want, you will need to plan how to get the necessary training;

Do not expect the process to be easy. There will be times when you wish you could just go back to how things used to be, but if you know this is right for you, you need to persist; and

Do not let money be your decider. Instead, focus on the opportunities that are available and what you can gain from them in terms of experience and exposure.