SUNDAY TIMES - Decor dos & don'ts: how to masterfully mix different patterns
Sunday Times Decor By Roberta thatcher, 2017-03-12 00:00:00.0

Decor dos & don'ts: how to masterfully mix different patterns

When balancing colour and print, Ockert Dixon, likes to start with a bold pattern. For instance, the wallpaper in this room at The Westcliff hotel in Joburg.
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Ockert Dixon of Jacket Interiors shares expert tips on decorating with patterns and prints

What are the pattern trends for 2017 that we should know about?

Greenery and leafy prints are still big, as are contemporary florals. There's also a move towards bespoke patterns that have more of a hand-painted look. A great example is the new Halsted fabric collection with its bright punchy colours and muted greys.

Any rules you can share for playing with pattern?

You need to decide how brave you are and work from there. Some people love loads of pattern on everything from the walls, sofa, chairs and cushions to curtains and rugs, while others feel comfortable with the odd cushion and maybe an accent wall with wallpaper. The simple rule for me is that it should all work in harmony.

A definite no-no when using pattern?

I would avoid using too many contrasting patterns and colours. If in doubt, leave it out.

Is there a trick to balancing colour and print?

I like to start with a bold pattern and add from there. If you add colours and patterns that complement each other, you'll end up with a scheme that is balanced and harmonious.

Easy ways to bring pattern into your home if you're a bit cautious?

You can start by upholstering a chair with patterned fabric or introducing a few cushions on the sofa. Another way is to play around with wallpaper and slowly build up your patterns by adding a similar fabric in cushions.