SUNDAY TIMES - The secret’s out: how Pearl Thusi keeps her hair looking so fabulous
Sunday Times Beauty By Tessa Passmore, 2016-02-10 12:16:03.0

The secret’s out: how Pearl Thusi keeps her hair looking so fabulous

Pearl Thusi is ready to leave her "dislike" for Trevor Noah.
Image: Waldo Swiegers. Sunday Times

From a sexy afro to a sleek up do, actress Pearl Thusi’s got the enviable ability to rock any hair style – and she’s got her own range of hair products to boot. We asked the A-lister to share her top hair care tips

"The most important thing to understand about African hair, and curly hair in general, whether it’s natural, relaxed, dreadlocked or braided is that it needs moisture, moisture and more moisture!” says Pearl.

“African hair is naturally dry and any chemical process such as relaxing, coloring or styling with heat causes it to become even drier, often leading to breakage.”

When it comes to keeping your hair in top condition, there’s no quick fix, adds Pearl. “It’s not just about spraying on a product and heading out the door. It’s about establishing a hair care regime that’ll ensure your hair is nourished and that moisture is locked in.”


Wash at least once a week

“I wash my hair with shampoo at least once a week,” says Pearl.  She explains that this helps to remove product buildup, which is important so that the active ingredients in any additional products you’ll be applying can penetrate your hair cuticles and get to work.

Deep condition weekly
“I use the Hydrating Conditioner from my hair care range, Black Pearl by Pearl Thusi, as a moisturising deep conditioner. And, if I’ve been heat styling my hair a lot, I use AfroBotanics Repairing & Strengthening Protein Treatment.”

Care for your braids

“Braids are good protective style, but only if you continue caring for your hair once it’s braided,” says Pearl. “When wearing box braids, which I love, I spritz my hair with a moisturising leave-in treatment.”

Be sure to give your hair a break
“I give my hair a break from constant styling, combing and daily manipulation by wearing a wig or weave. However, even while wearing these protective styles, I moisturise my hair and oil my scalp. A healthy scalp is the foundation to healthy hair!”

Embrace natural oils
“I love, love, love natural oils! I use them as a serum to add shine and to tame frizz. They also help to nourish my hair, which is always under stress due to my job and lifestyle.”

Give your hair extra TLC during a workout

“I work up a big sweat at the gym or while I’m road running. I apply conditioner before these activities to prevent the salty sweat from draining my hair of moisture.  I often forgo shampoo and just conditioner-wash my hair after a work out.”


Here are some of our favourite looks: