SUNDAY TIMES - Africa in an eight-pack: sip the continent's iconic beers for a good cause
Sunday Times Food By Shelley Seid, 2017-05-17 12:42:47.0

Africa in an eight-pack: sip the continent's iconic beers for a good cause

The proceeds from the Beers for Africa eight-packs will go towards feeding students.
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Fancy a Maluti premium lager but don't have the time to hop the border to Lesotho? Try your local liquor outlet instead - SA Breweries in partnership with Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa have launched an eight-pack containing some of the most iconic beers on the continent.

The beers are: Zambezi from Zimbabwe, Kilimanjaro from Tanzania, St Louis from Botswana, 2M, Laurentina and Manica from Mozambique, SA's Castle Lager and Lesotho's Maluti.

Proceeds from beer packs will go towards feeding hungry students on the continent. The goal is to provide a million meals by 2018.

The packs will soon be launched at duty-free outlets at airports across Africa.



Here's what the  Times Media journalists who sampled the beers thought.

Best beer for a hot summer's night

Jeff Wicks (JW), senior reporter: Far and away the Manica.

Bongani Mthethwa (BM), senior reporter: Laurentina. Nice, light, good when you are still gonna get behind the wheel.

Yasantha Naidoo (YN), KZN bureau chief: Manica - fruity and refreshing.

Rowan Callahan (RC), senior sub: St Louis - though it tastes like beer-flavoured water.

Thuli Dlamini (TD), photographer: St Louis - a light beer you can sip with friends.

Best beer for a chilly winter's night

JW: Grab the Laurentina, a perfect dark porter to go with something warm and hearty.

BM: Nothing's as good as a whisky.

YN: A can of coffee-liqueur flavoured Laurentina and watching the flames dance in the fireplace with my man.

RC: Coffee-flavoured Laurentina.

TD: Laurentina - bitter but a perfect warm-up.

A swig when there's a chop in the other hand

JW: St Louis is crisp and fresh for those hot afternoons around the fire.

BM: Kilimanjaro. Smooth to the nose and generally good.

YN: Maluti as you talk politics with friends over the braai.

RC: Kilimanjaro - the alcohol content is low enough that you don't burn the meat, yourself or a mate.

TD: Zambezi - for a strong man after a long day's work.


JW: Castle Lager - only because I know what my head will feel like the next day.

BM: Zambezi: too bitter.

YN: Castle like Norma Gigaba blocks Buhle Mkhize's Twitter posts.

RC: 2M - bland and forgettable

TD: Manica, if you're not into that cider taste.

A sundowner, overlooking the perfect vista

JW: Go for Kilimanjaro.

BM: Maluti.

YN: Zesty and light, a Kilimanjaro.

RC: Manica, with its fruity aftertaste.

TD: Classic Castle Lager.

All-time favourite

JW: Zambezi.

BM: Manica -the beer for someone who has a fine taste.

YN: St Louis, like its namesake, gets you feeling the blues.

RC: Manica.

TD: Maluti - crisp and refreshing.

This article was originally published in The Times.