SUNDAY TIMES - Geek report: crime-fighting fridges & other tech discoveries
Sunday Times Lifestyle By Shelley Seid, 2017-01-23 10:27:54.0

Geek report: crime-fighting fridges & other tech discoveries

Moodo, a smart home fragrance machine, holds four interchangeable fragrance capsules that'll allow you to blend 400,000 different scents using your smartphone.
Image: Moodo/YouTube

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Moodo is a device that allows you to create and release your own custom-made scents in your home from your smartphone.

Up to four fragrance capsules can be loaded into the device and mixed to create an almost unlimited variety of scents. Those you like can be downloaded, saved, and even shared.

The Moodo should be on the market in July.


Your fridge could have a leading role on CSI.

Mark Stokes, head of digital forensics at Scotland Yard, says household appliances with network connections, built-in microchips and recording capabilities may be able to provide insights into crimes - the last moments of murder victims, for example.

A digital forensics kit is being developed that will allow investigators to analyse microchips and download data at the scene.


Researchers at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences have created software that can predict when patients with heart disorders will die.

The artificial intelligence can analyse MRI scans and make an instant prediction on how long the patient has left, allowing doctors to immediately come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

According to the research, when predicting patients who would still be alive after one year, AI was right 80% of the time whereas doctors were right only 60% of the time.

• This article was originally published in The Times.