SUNDAY TIMES - 5 awesome new tracks to improve your February playlist
Sunday Times Lifestyle By YOLISA MKELE, 2017-02-17 12:21:17.0

5 awesome new tracks to improve your February playlist

Perfect your playlist.
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Yolisa Mkele pick of new songs that'll put you in the mood for just about anything


The New York born rapper is the human embodiment of a nuclear sugar rush and his latest single sounds like an artillery barrage set to trap music. This is also the first of his singles with intelligible lyrics beyond the hook. Listen to it moments before you run headlong into a mosh pit.

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Have you ever been to a party populated by beautiful people, snazzy cocktails and an infinity pool? Neither have I, but this smooth, ethereal sounding piece of electronic house is probably the closest I will get - and I'm okay with that. Migration oozes the kind of Los Angeles-style sex appeal one would expect if you rolled in A-list circles. The rest of the album is just as good.

Listen to it when you want to feel nonchalantly suave.

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Migos have the Midas touch and their contribution to the penultimate track on Big Sean's latest No1 album is another example of it. Even with Takeoff missing, Quavo and Offset imbue the song with the gravitas of the Beatles of trap music. But they do not outshine Big Sean, who weaves through the song with self-assured melancholy.

Listen to it when moodily contemplating your next major life goal.



There's something about electronic RnB singer Sampha's voice that inspires sadness. It's thin, as if racked with pain but has none of the melodrama that one associates with people who usually sing about pain and vulnerability. Plastic 100C is a beautifully fragile exploration of a love that may or may not be requited.

Listen to it when contemplating grand romantic gestures.

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Mixing elements of classic 1990s RnB and modern electronic carnality reminiscent of FKA Twigs, Syd's Know is a delicious ode to cheating. By imploring her partner not to let anyone know, Syd touches on an oft-avoided truth, the act of infidelity is sexy. Her delicately persuasive voice is likely to fan whatever embers of lust may be lurking in your loins.

Listen to it while tangled in a knot of arms and legs that don't belong to your significant other.

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