SUNDAY TIMES - 3 things you must do to ensure you're properly prepared to rave out to Diplo
Sunday Times Entertainment By Yolisa Mkele, 2017-04-21 17:54:01.0

3 things you must do to ensure you're properly prepared to rave out to Diplo

US super-producer Diplo plays in Joburg on Sunday.
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The last time super-producer Diplo popped into South Africa for a show, spines contorted, arms flailed, and a giant inflatable ball containing the famed producer scurried over a rapturous crowd.

In short, it was pandemonium - which is why hearts are palpitating at the prospect of his one-off performance in Johannesburg on Sunday.

If your knowledge of popular musicians is in need of refreshing, Diplo is easily one of the best-known producers on the planet.

His musical CV includes more than a billion YouTube views for the video Lean On, which he did as part of Major Lazer; multiple production credits on Beyoncé's culture-shifting visual album Lemonade; numerous Grammy awards and nominations; and a reputation for insane live performances.

He has also worked with the likes of Madonna, MIA, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Die Antwoord, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani, to name a few.

WATCH this video of Diplo's song Set me Free


His visit forms part of a five-stop tour that includes Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia in a move to "amplify" the popularity of electronic music in Africa - though by the looks of his Instagram the genre is already hugely popular in places outside South Africa.

To prepare yourself for the madness that will surely ensue, we suggest you take the following steps:


Unless you're a soulless android sorely in need of a software update, you're going to dance - and dancing destroys battery life. Nothing is going to suck more than running out of gas as the set crescendos.


The show is on a Sunday. The last Sunday before payday. Having your alarm clock announce that you're both hung over and broke is not a great way to spend payday eve. Spare your co-workers (and yourself) the annoyance of having to listen to complaints about your pounding headache caused by your epic night.


It's a rave, after all, and every rave needs at least one glow stick-wielding psychopath to make it official.

• Diplo will be performing at the Goodluck Bar on Sunday, April 23. For tickets and more information visit

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