SUNDAY TIMES - Survey reveals SA's insatiable appetite for sex toys
Sunday Times Sex Talk By Tmg Digital, 2017-02-16 10:19:43.0

Survey reveals SA's insatiable appetite for sex toys

The vibrator is the most frequently bought and used sex toy in South Africa, according to a survey commissioned by Désir.
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South Africans aren't shying away from sex toys.

So suggests the country’s first dedicated “sex toy industry survey” which found that we enjoy using them because they extend foreplay and frequently result in orgasms.

Three-quarters of people who took part in the survey confirmed that they used sex toys.

The survey was commissioned by Désir‚ an online adult shop for designer sex toys‚ after it emerged last year that South African’s had the third highest search volume for sex toys in the world‚ according to statistics from Google. Seven hundred people were polled on their perceptions about sex and toys.

The biggest reason people gave for not using sex toys was because they were ignorant about the choices available and what sex toys could do for them‚ rather than being embarrassed or ashamed to use them.

Other findings revealed that the main reason people gave for buying sex toys was to “spice up” their sex lives. Couples preferred to use toys together.

When asked how often they used sex toys‚ 80.4% of respondents said they used them once a week or one to five times a month.

The vibrator was a firm favourite when it came to the most frequently bought and used toy.

Most people preferred to buy their kinky toys online‚ rather than walking into a brick and mortar store.

“People want to be able to buy sex toys safely‚ in non-judgemental environments which aren’t associated with smut or porn. There is still so much shame around sexuality and sexual expression in South Africa‚ and it needs to change‚” said Désir CEO Brodie Meyer.