SUNDAY TIMES - Mampara of the week: Helen Zille
Sunday Times Opinion & Analysis By Hogarth, 2017-03-19 00:00:00.0

Mampara of the week: Helen Zille

Luthuli House must have thanked the gods when the DA's Madam Own Goal decided to tweet her admiration for colonialism this week.

Helen Zille was the only person Mampara enough to shift the focus from Bathabile Dlamini, Tony Yengeni and Serge Belamant in a nightmarish week for the ANC.

She who memorably called for the "exemplary punishment" of Dianne Kohler Barnard will now taste some of her own medicine, if the DA truly believes in its much-vaunted value of "fairness".

It is time to retire from social media and read up a bit on pre-colonial African history, Madam.