SUNDAY TIMES - Elated Sassa boss gives CPS marching orders
Sunday Times News By MZILIKAZI wa AFRIKA, 2017-03-19 00:03:00.0

Elated Sassa boss gives CPS marching orders

Sassa CEO Thokozani Magwaza.

South African Social Security Agency staff welcomed Friday's damning court verdict against Bathabile Dlamini.

And Sassa CEO Thokozani Magwaza yesterday advised Cash Paymaster Services to start packing its bags because the company would be gone in a year's time, when its extended contract to distribute social grants will expire.

"The Constitutional Court gave us 12 months to get our house in order and phase out CPS.

"CPS is gone, we are not going to extend with them ever again," proclaimed Magwaza.

Sassa officials believe that the court ruling is a vindication of Magwaza, whom they say was victimised "for trying to do the right things to root out the cause of the crisis".

One official said: "After the ConCourt ruling, we turned the office into a Saxonwold shebeen as we were celebrating a victory against corruption, incompetence and maladministration.

"We have been telling the powers that be to do the right thing but our pleas fell on deaf ears because money has poisoned some people's brains, they can't think properly."

Dlamini had been accused of derailing the process of finding an alternative to CPS.

"I prayed for this judgment and all my prayers were answered," said an elated Magwaza.

The court also ordered CPS to refrain from sharing any personal details about grant recipients with third parties.

"Ever since I took over as Sassa CEO in November last year, I have been fighting to stop the sharing of beneficiaries' personal information to third parties and the ConCourt ruled in my favour.

"We have reason to believe that beneficiaries' personal information was shared by CPS to NET1 and its subsidiaries, as well as other companies, for a profit."

Magwaza was appointed Sassa CEO in June last year but was allowed to take up his position only on November 1.

"The minister is yet to explain why Magwaza didn't take his position with immediate effect," the official said.

Magwaza yesterday refused to explain what caused the delay in taking over upon his appointment.