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GAME REVIEW: Inversion

Julia Beffon | 2012-09-17 00:09:12.0
New third-person shooter Inversion

In a world where third-person shooters are the biggest genre around, what do you do to separate your game from all the others?

GAME: Inversion (PS3)

AGE: 18+


Well, as the song from Gypsy goes: "You gotta have a gimmick."

No, Inversion does not involve Gypsy Rose Lee or any other strippers (not that I've found, anyway - it's a bit too wholesome for that in a modern morality "blood okay, boobs bad" way), but it does have gravity alteration.

The problem with Inversion is that, like an ecdysiast putting the tease into striptease, this handy gimmick isn't on view very much.

You start off in Vanguard City, a nice enough place, where your worst problem seems to be the ribbing you get from colleagues for having your daughter's picture on the dashboard of your car.

"You", of course, are a police officer named David Russell. Your daughter is kidnapped in an alien invasion - yes, Toto, we're not in Kansas any more - and you and partner Leo Delgado spend the rest of the game searching for her.

No, that's not right. You spend the rest of your time killing things.

You have a "gravlink" that allows you to pick up things and throw them at the Lutadore - which is the handle the aliens go by when they're at home.

These Lutadore have the ability to manipulate physics and every now and again you enter a battlefield affected by Axis Shift (it is tilted by 90 degrees).

It's a little odd fighting battles on the sides of buildings, but these sequences are the best part of the game.

Unfortunately, little and odd are two words that sum up the problems with Inversion. There's too little gravity shifting and the game is a bit odd.


The gravlink and Axis Shift are interesting concepts.

Gameplay is smooth despite the topsy-turvy nature of some of the combat. Taking cover and using weapons is fairly intuitive.


Take away the gravity gimmick and you have only a poor man's Gears of War.



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