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GAME REVIEW: Torchlight II

Bruce Gorton | 2012-11-19 00:03:54.0

Torchlight II is what Diablo III should have been. That makes reviewing it a challenge, though I like the game.



PRICE: $19.99 (


The set up is its achilles heel. The Alchemist from Torchlight I has been corrupted by baddie Ordrak's heart and thus goes on a rampage across the world, becoming the new major evil.

Replace Alchemist with Warrior, Ordrak's heart with Diablo's soulstone and you have the plot to Diablo III.

The gameplay is similar to that found in the Diablo series - there's repeated clicking on things until they die.

Fish in this game - obtained through, well, fishing - allow your pet to change into different monsters, making it more effective in combat.

The fighting is smooth, fun and the skills system has variety, making you sweat before you seize a craft.

Another differentiating feature from Diablo III is that you can't reconfigure your character on the fly - you need to think about how you want your character to play in the long term.

I prefer that, but suspect it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Each of the classes is varied and nicely done. I favoured the Engineer, but the Outlander and Embermage are also fun to play.

There is more loot in this game, which also comes faster, making it better at being Diablo than Diablo III is.

The fact that its single-player mode is offline helps.

Overall, it is a clone, but it is a superior one at just $19.99.


It's cheap, doesn't require you to stay online to play it and is fun to explore.


The fact that almost everything Diablo does, Torchlight repeats better doesn't stop it from being a bit of a copycat.

RATING: 8/10


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