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GAME REVIEW: Pro Evolution soccer 2013 (PS3)

Julia Beffon | 2012-11-26 00:30:04.0

It's that time of year again. Time to debate which is better: Pro Evolution Soccer or Fifa.




It's a popular but fruitless routine - trying to convince someone that your favourite is superior is akin to attempting to persuade someone to change their beer.

I have yet to play Fifa 13, but a look at PES 2013 suggests the rivalry between the two is tighter this year.

The titles are head and shoulders above other soccer games and, often, the deciding vote comes down to preference.

Fifa is the more official - it has all the clubs and federations - while PES has silly team names. Tottenham Hotspur, for example, look and play like Spurs, but they're called North East London.

If you can get past that, there's loads to like. PES 2013 works as a video game, but not as a marketing tool for officialdom.

The game is one of several from the franchise so it is difficult to review it without concentrating on slight tweaks made by its developers, Konami. If that gives the impression there were glitches in previous editions, that is not necessarily the case.

Sometimes the changes are an improvement, such as the defenders now being able to better position their bodies so that challenges are no longer automatic yellow card opportunities.

But others are less successful. The new goalkeeping adviser seems to have been Italian Massimo Taibi - but that may be me: Beffon is sometimes more buffoon than Buffon.

For the thousands of fans who buy the next instalment of these games the way you pick up a new calendar around Christmas, PES 2013 is a solid new signing.

For those who've never tried it before, it's worth the investment: but you do need to spend time in the tutorial section to enjoy it.

It is difficult to master, but rewarding when you do so.


Depending on your preference: it's the new PES, not the new Fifa.


  • Another of "this year's version" out now is F1 2012 .

You've guessed it, it's the Formula One game - and as dull as they make them.

You learn to drive a car and choose for which team you want to drive - for all the verisimilitude of the rest of the game, the fact that the cars are nominally equally competitive is a joke.

I can't even find the energy to hate it.

Unless you are part of the tifosi, who are guaranteed to love it, find a real racing game.

There are lots out there.



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