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Even hunks don't do it every day

ANDILE NDLOVU | 2012-12-19 00:05:58.0
Chad le Clos. File photo
Image by: Wessel Oosthuizen / Gallo Images

THE Cosmopolitan Sexiest SA Men calendar for 2013 is out and it's enough to make the rest of us skip our Christmas lunch.

The 12 hunks are shown off in denims and peep-o underwear. The magazine's readers have voted for South Africa's Sexiest Man, who'll be named at a party in Johannesburg on January 31.

The calendar guys are, from January to December: Brett Roux , Andrew Govender, Maps Maponyane, Vincent Canaider, Chad le Clos, Andile Mxakaza, Lee Thompson, Oliver Makangila, Charl Crous, Peet Mocke, Graeme Richards and Harcel Mpoyi.

The Times asked some of the hotties whether they'll be in the gym even on Christmas Day, and what festive fare they will avoid.

Andile Mxakaza, who plays Sgonondo in SABC1's drama Zone 14, said: "I won't be at gym but I always do a 15km run on Christmas Day in the morning. In terms of food, I always cheat at weekends - I love chocolate cake; I avoid bread, pap and soft drinks."

Chad le Clos, multiple Olympic swimming medallist, said: "No [to going to the gym], Christmas is a time for family and giving, so that is one day that I don't train. I eat anything I like, but in moderation. When I do cheat, it's with milk shakes and chocolates."

Vincent Canaider, an Aussie model now living in Cape Town: "I will definitely be at gym on the 25th. [He laughs.] My cheat day is every two weeks, with a massive Aussie-style barby. I'm sticking to steak and whisky to celebrate."

Maps Maponyane: "I'll be a long way from any gym. I'm luckily one of those guys that eat and drink whatever they like without thinking twice about it - though it probably won't be this way for much longer. If I really let loose. I indulge in cheesecake or peppermint-crisp tart, but I try to avoid dessert, beer, cheese, pastry and sugary beverages."

Harcel Mpoyi: "Heck no, family and friends over fitness, always. I try to stay away from pasta, beer, Coke and take-outs. Maybe once a week I'll cheat with a burger and a beer."


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