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Pope blesses massive crowd

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St Peter's Square, Vatican City, yesterday as Pope Benedict XVI led the Angelus prayer. Thousands gathered in the square for their last chance to see the pope. The cards spell out 'Thanks' in German

His arms outstretched in a symbolic embrace, Pope Benedict XVI blessed tens of thousands of cheering people yesterday in one of his last appearances as pontiff from his window overlooking St Peter's Square.

Last week, 85-year-old Benedict shocked the world by announcing his resignation. He will step down on February 28, planning to retreat to a life of prayer in a monastery behind the Vatican's ancient walls.

The noontime appointment in the vast cobblestone square also served as a kind of trial run for how Rome will handle the logistics, including crowd security, as the city braces for faithful to flock to Rome for the election and installation of the cardinal who will succeed Benedict as leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics. Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno said upward of 100000 people turned out yesterday and that everything went smoothly. But while there was still space in St Peter's Square for more, many couldn't get in - or easily out - because entrances from the main boulevard were just too narrow.

The huge crowd - including parents with babies in carriages and strollers, elderly people using canes, and the disabled in wheelchairs - tried to squeeze through two spaces police left open in the metal barricades edging the square. Some people panicked or called out to police to help them get in or out of the square.

Pilgrims and tourists had an easier time if they entered through spaces in the elegant colonnade that architect Gianlorenzo Bernini designed to cradle the sides of the St Peter's Square.

Benedict seemed touched by the outpouring of affection after his decision to go down in history as the first pontiff in some 600 years to resign. The pontiff had told cardinals last week that he no longer has the mental and physical stamina to vigorously shepherd the church. Looking into hazy sunshine yesterday, he smiled shyly at the sight of the crowd below, filled with pilgrims waving their homelands' flags and holding up banners with words of support.

One group of Italians raised a banner which read: "We love you." Speaking in Italian, the pope told the cheering crowd: "Thanks for turnout in such numbers! This, too, is a sign of the affection and the spiritual closeness that you are giving me in these days." He stretched out his arms as if to embrace the faithful from across the vast expanse of the square.

Benedict made no direct reference to his departure. But in his comments to Spanish-speaking pilgrims he asked the faithful to "continue praying for me and for the next pope." The traditional Sunday window appearance normally attracts a few thousand pilgrims and tourists, but this time city officials prepared for as many as 150000 people seeking to witness one of Benedict's last opportunities to connect with the masses.

Benedict's successor will make his first papal appearance by stepping onto the central balcony of St Peter's Basilica on the square, shortly after puffs of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney tell the world the cardinals have made their secret selection.


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