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'Mammas' a big risk to marriage - church

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Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco: The archbishop of Genoa, Bagnasco also is head of the powerful Italian bishops' conference. Both roles give him outsized influence in the conclave, where Italians represent the biggest national bloc, and could nudge ahead his papal chances if the conclave looks to return the papacy to Italian hands. At 70 years old, Bagnasco is seen as in the right age bracket for papal consideration. But his lack of international experience and exposure could be a major liability.

The deference of the Italian male to their mothers may be seen from afar as an endearing trait.

But the Catholic Church has issued a grave warning that "mammismo" - the classic attachment between Italian men and their mothers - is one of the biggest risks to marriage today.

"Marriage has to be an act of free will and awareness," said Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the country's bishops' conference.

"When you rely totally on your parents for every step, a spouse does not know what to do or not to do because he's constantly seeking the consensus of a third person," Bagnasco said

He was speaking at the Liguria regional ecclesiastical tribunal .

Monsignor Paolo Rigon, one of the judges on the tribunal, stressed it was not only the historic link between Italy's "mamma's boys" and their mothers but a "psychological dependence" on both parents that threatened the longevity of modern marriage.

And it is not just the Church that is concerned.

Leading matrimonial lawyer Gian Ettore Gassani said interfering mothers-in-law were responsible for 30% of all separations.


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