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Fri Apr 28 02:36:53 SAST 2017

The poor need capitalists

Douglas Wickins, by e-mail | 2016-01-29 00:35:39.0
An ANC supporter puts up a party flag outside a Sea Point, Cape Town, voting station. File photo
Image by: Thomas Holder

Trying to see light at the end of a 22-year-old tunnel designed and built by the ANC is like attending the Mad Hatter's tea party.

We have the talking head Gwede Mantashe saying that "economic marginalisation and inequality perpetuate the notion of a superior race", while the ANC's NEC reaffirmed wealth distribution in favour of the poor as a "moral and economic imperative".

Then we have Juju advocating nationalisation of the mines, banks and land, and the curbing of "white economic power", while calling for opposition parties to unite and loosen the grip of the ANC.

Meanwhile, the DA organised a successful march demanding job creation from the government.

The fact that nothing moves forward is entirely due to the concoctions served at the ANC's tea party.

It retains communists in its cabinet and courts the labour unions that oppose business every inch of the way.

There are no free plates at a normal tea party and if we all want to see poverty and inequality eliminated then empower the poor to find their own seats at a normal tea party by allowing capitalist business of any colour to create the jobs necessary for the poor to provide for their families.

The inability to restore dignity and equality rests entirely in the lap of the ANC.

It is the one that fails to recognise the moral and economic imperatives facing South Africa.


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