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Mon Apr 24 15:17:48 SAST 2017

FIFA candidate Tokyo Sexwale has 'absolute zero desire' to lead SA football

Mark Gleeson | 2016-02-25 00:46:34.0
SA struggle icon Tokyo Sexwale continues to defy sceptics and maintains he has as much a chance as anybody else to be president of Fifa.
Image by: Veli Nhlapo

If Tokyo Sexwale fails in his bid to become Fifa president tomorrow, he will not seek any position within South African football, saying it would be bad manners and a retrogressive step.

"I have no desire, absolutely zero. I have been put where I am by the South African football community from 2004 for 11 years," he said in response to a question on the possibility of one day seeking to lead the SA Football Association.

"I first started in the Fair Play committee and then I was in the media committee. I was also put into the anti-racism task force and in my manifesto I proposed that task force have its status raised to that of a standing Fifa committee because this issue in football is not going away. A task force is an ad-hoc committee and whoever becomes Fifa president should ensure it is given better status."

Sexwale listed the number of committees he had led or had been encouraged to join as a member.

Sexwale is one of five candidates trying for the Fifa presidency in Zurich tomorrow. But he has been given little chance of becoming the next leader of world football.


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