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'Sucky' old people secured your freedom

unknown | 2016-02-25 00:46:28.0
YOUTHQUAKE: Students protest outside parliament. Their struggle, says the writer, is compromised by the older generation clinging to 'respectability politics'

Panashe Chigumadzi ("Your wisdom sucks, old people", yesterday) speaks with the passion and certainty of youth, and it is certainly interesting to hear her point of view.

But her views often came across as one-sided and occasionally lacking in perspective.

She defends violence when it is perpetrated by those she agrees with. She describes armed protesters descending on a rugby game as an incident of "white violence", rather than apportioning blame to all involved.

She criticises those calling for peaceful protest. But, importantly, when attacking the negotiated settlement in 1994 she doesn't appear to consider the alternative.

The alternative to those negotiations was not an instant transformation into a peaceful and prosperous paradise, but civil war.

Arguments over statues and art are trivial in comparison to the issues then .

Perhaps, when telling others to broaden their perspectives and consider other points of view, Chigumadzi will gradually learn to do the same herself.

Ryan, Margate

It's great to see a young person so sure of herself that she sees fit to psychoanalyse her elders in a national newspaper, all because they advocate reconciliation and peaceful protest rather than violence.

Perhaps Panashe Chigumadzi will one day learn that, as we are now seeing, justifying violence from those we agree with risks also encouraging violence from those we don't agree with.

Ultimately, violence begets violence. Leaders on both sides in 1994 realised this and attempted to leave violence behind.

For those who weren't around in 1994 it seems the lesson will have to be learned again.

It's a sad day when intelligent young people like the writer think firebombs and art bonfires are the answer to anything. The future looks bleak.

Dave Gaider, Westville


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