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On the Radar: Stuntmen want recognition

Tymon Smith | 2016-02-26 07:32:32.0
Tymon Smith

While the focus on the Oscars has all been about the lack of recognition for black actors and directors, there's another group of dissatisfied movie workers who are also demanding recognition from the Academy.

This week more than 100 stunt performers rallied outside the Academy's offices in Beverly Hills, demanding that they be accorded a category.

They handed over a petition of 50,000 signatures, but so far it's been a 25-year uphill battle for Hollywood's death-defying workers.

Ava DuVerney didn't get an Oscar nod last year for Selma, but that hasn't stopped the director from directing an adaptation of the 1963 children's classic Wrinkle in Time for Disney.

Ahead of his expected and much-anticipated Oscar win you can remind yourself of how far Leonardo DiCaprio has come with a screening of the 1993 classic What's Eating Gilbert Grape? at the Bioscope at 7pm this Sunday. www.thebioscope.co.za


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