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Wed May 24 02:13:23 SAST 2017

Roman Empire's fall should be a great lesson to ruling ANC

The Times Editorial | 2016-09-06 08:27:06.0
MK members outside Luthuli House. File photo
Image by: Burning Spear via Twitter

Just like a madman who chases after a mosquito in a closed room, the ruling ANC further dented its image yesterday as it over-reacted to the peaceful march by disgruntled party members.

How can one explain the childish behaviour of Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans and the ANC Youth League members who came out in their numbers to "defend the organisation [ANC] from hooligans".

Not only did they inflict more damage to the party, but they exposed themselves as henchmen who suppress internal democracy.

Instability in the party has a direct bearing on SA's health

While the ANC has the right to defend itself, it seems that the divisions run so deep that the once-proud liberation movement is now prepared to harm its own who question the wrongs they see within.

The wild scenes outside Luthuli House yesterday tell a story of implosion. They reveal the pain the ANC is going through and expose its fragility.

The message yesterday was that the ANC is occupied by internal divisions and is unlikely to deal with matters that brought it to its knees at last month's municipal elections.

History tells us that government corruption and political instability were the leading causes of the fall of the Roman Empire, which its leaders at some point declared that it would rule forever. By the time the empire collapsed, it was riven with factionalism, patronage and corruption.

The instability we see in the ANC has, sadly, a direct bearing on the health of South Africa.

Some of those who stood against marchers yesterday serve in government as ministers.

The group that marched yesterday said they no longer have faith in the internal structures of the ANC to deal with the rot and decline.

Call it political grandstanding, hooliganism and defiance, but the voice of the marchers shone light into the ANC and how it is battling to contain dissent against party leadership.

The raging war against President Jacob Zuma's questionable leadership robs all South Africans of an opportunity to truly take this rainbow nation a step forward to prosperity.


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