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Going green in the sun

Nashira Davids | 2016-03-30 00:22:43.0

An extreme watersports mecca in Western Cape will be transformed into the first green village on the continent.

Construction of the multibillion- rand, 40ha Blue Rock Village is to start in August.

Eventually, it will comprise 1000 luxury apartments, costing R3.4-million and up each.

All building material will be environmentally friendly. Each unit will feature energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, a water management system and solar power.

The village aims to pioneer a car-free lifestyle so all vehicles will be parked underground and architectural guidelines allow for maximum vegetation.

"With all of this, it is no surprise that we expect Blue Rock Village to become an exclusive prime address in the Western Cape," said Lukas Reichmuth, founder and director of the development.

The development is situated on the site of the old Blue Rock quarry, once the largest in Western Cape.

After it was closed the quarry filled with water and in 2002 new owners installed a cable water-ski system.

Research finds that South Africa is one of the top global performers when it comes to green building.

The World Green Building Trends 2016 report, which surveyed 1000 participants from 69 countries, was released last month and said: "In South Africa, respondents believe the green activity so far is just laying the groundwork for an overall shift in the market.

"If this degree of commitment to green building holds, South Africa will be a leader in the global green market in the next three years."

Manfred Braune, chief technical officer at the Green Building Council SA, said there was a rise in green building in South Africa.

"As South Africans continue to bear the brunt of increased energy costs and are feeling the effects of the drought, building projects are hard-pressed to respond with solutions that offer sustainable operating and maintenance solutions," said Braune.


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