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We the people must teach our arrogant leaders to fear us

The Times Editorial | 2016-04-06 00:14:36.0

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Not everyday do opposition parties speak with one voice.

Yesterday they did. Leaders of the opposition parties said they will not accept defeat in their attempt to remove President Jacob Zuma from office after the Constitutional Court found against him in a ruling on the probity of the "security upgrades" at his private home in Nkandla.

One leader after another said the constitution must be protected against the depredations of the powerful, especially Zuma.

The ANC did its best to defend its leader but explaining away the Nkandla mess is becoming increasingly difficult.

It is important to note that, although the court did not pronounce on whether Zuma should remain head of state, the judgment severely reflected on his suitability to manage the Republic.

The anger of the people is entirely justified. Since the Nkandla scandal surfaced, the ruling party has used every opportunity to deflect, defend and oppose any action against Zuma. Today it is telling the nation that it should accept Zuma's "apology".

We are told that Zuma "acted in good faith" and that the ANC really believed that he was acting correctly.

It is troubling that we are expected to be satisfied with Zuma's self-serving pseudo apology.

The ruling party should understand the pain it put this nation through and appreciate that the people have a voice that must be respected.

It cannot be that a leader finds it easy to violate the constitution and find comfort and protection from his party members.

He should be afraid of the nation and of his party, which is the leader in government.

If our leaders continue to use voting numbers to defend what is wrong in our society, this young democracy will die a premature death.

Now former finance minister Trevor Manuel has joined those within the ANC calling for Zuma to resign.

South Africa must define its future through the actions we take today.


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