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Sun Apr 30 16:46:10 SAST 2017

TV as you have never seen it before

AFP | 2016-10-19 07:35:18.0
Television sets are high on holiday season shopping lists.
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After a decade of being driven apart by devices - smartphones, tablets and game consoles - television wants to bring families back together again ... for better or for worse.

Trendspotters at the world's biggest entertainment market in France say a wave of sometimes hair-raising shows about resolving family and personal disputes are about to hit our screens.

With titles like The Lie Detective, I've Got Something to Tell You and Get the F..k Out of My House, it promises to be a bumpy ride.

But, according to analysts, most of the new formats are about trying to solve problems rather than stoke them and take the heat out of feuding families or other dysfunctional relationships.

British show Families Gone Wild throws families on the point of falling apart into the jungle for five days to fend for themselves in a kind of "shock therapy in the wilderness".

Truth-telling gets uncomfortable in UK show The Lie Detective , in which an expert equipped with a polygraph machine gets to the bottom of whether supposed "lies" haunting couples are real or not.

But the most radically new approach is two German and Dutch shows, Look Me In the Eyes and Face to Face, in which estranged lovers, friends and family members must silently stare each other in the eye for up to five minutes.


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