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Bottle of the week: Stick this one in the bank

Neil Pendock | 2016-10-19 08:30:05.0

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Bottle of the Week: Elgin Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2015

How much and where?



Banks are having a torrid time of it. First Gordhangate knocks R34-billion off their market capitalisation and then the FNB Top Ten Sauvignon Blanc competition chooses seven wines from Stellenbosch in its top 20. Don't ask why a Top Ten lists a Top Twenty - it's like bank charges: you wouldn't understand.

While few would argue that Oak City makes the finest Cabernet, few would consider it ground zero for delicate and subtle Sauvignon. Like this one from apple-infested Elgin.

2015 is a vintage to look out for - far better than 2014 and 2016. On the nose buchu and pineapple; on the palate lime, pink ladies and Russian Caravan tea.

It is biodynamic which makes it acceptable fare for German visitors who have had enough of antibiotics in their wurst and sulphur in their spätzle. Clean and delicate, it is the product of a happy farm where ducks waddle in the vineyard snacking on snails and Dexter cows drop pats to fertilise the ancient soils.

It's like the Shire from The Hobbit with fewer sheep and no emus. Better yet, it's not the kind of thing a bankster would order. Too cheap, you see.

Rating: *****

***** Coutts

**** Goldman Sachs

*** JP Morgan

** Wells Fargo

* VBS Mutual


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