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Peter's Post: Do South Africans need visas for Turkey?

Peter Malherbe | 2012-10-25 16:22:32.0
Trekking on Turkey's Ceramic Coast
Image by: Paul Ash

Our travel expert answers your questions

I am planning a trip to Turkey next year. Would we need visas? And any inoculations? — Sandra Bessit

You do not need to get a visa in advance for Turkey. You will be issued a free 30-day visa on arrival in the country. You need to be vaccinated against yellow fever if you come from an endemic country or have travelled through one (SA is free of yellow fever). Although vaccinations for hepatitis A and tetanus are not needed, they are recommended. You can find out about the visa regulations for Turkey (and other countries) at You can contact the consular section of the Turkish government on 012 342 6053.


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