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Useful tips when planning a holiday

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Top 10 tips for your affordable Mzansi holiday

STA Travel™ South Africa, one of South African Tourism’s partners in promoting domestic travel and the largest travel organizations for student and young people is on a mission to ensure that travelling Mzansi is affordable and accessible. The organisation has put together their top ten tips on how to save money when travelling and exploring South Africa.

Travelling offers you something that nothing else in this world can. It allows you to learn about the world around you, you see and do things that escape the imagination and the connections with the place and people stay with you forever.

1. Travel during off-peak times of the year

If you can, try to travel during off-peak periods – this would be outside of high season, long weekends and school holidays – the rates you pay for accommodation will be greatly reduced.

2. Look out for hotels offering free night stays

There are many hotels throughout the country offering free nights after you stay for a minimum period.


3. There’s nothing better than family adventure and camping offers this

There is nothing wrong with ‘roughing it’ once in a while! Camping is the most affordable form of accommodation… but you should perhaps wait for warmer weather before you go!

4. Self-catering accommodation is usually cheaper

If you are on a budget, it is usually more cost-effective to book accommodation that is self-catering, thus avoiding paying higher rates for hotel food! Bring on the braais!


5. Plan and book in advance

Sometimes booking in advance will afford you some great savings – and you get more time to save up for your holiday.

6. Travel in groups

Rates are cheaper if you divide the cost amongst more people. You will contribute less per person than if you were travelling alone or in a pair.

7. Driving can be more affordable than flying to your destination

When travelling in Mzansi, instead of paying for an expensive air ticket, why not take a road trip with your family or friends to your destination! You can share the costs of petrol and toll gates, you won’t need to hire a car while you’re there, and you’ll have great company along the way.

8. Do it yourself

9. If travelling by plane, try not to fly on weekends or during peak periods

Flying on weekends or during peak periods costs more! Also, keep an eye out for specials by checking the airlines’ websites regularly.

10. Look out for package deals and special offers

Some suppliers put together awesome deals with extras and discounts included!

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