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Wed May 24 23:34:40 SAST 2017

US 'Facebook killer' takes own life after police chase

Jennie Matthew | 2017-04-19 12:03:03.0
Image by: YouTube/Rexxor

A US gunman accused of murdering an elderly grandfather and posting the footage on Facebook killed himself Tuesday after a brief police chase, bringing to a close a frantic nationwide manhunt.

Steve Stephens, 37 and thought to have been mentally unstable, had been on the run since 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr was shot dead on Easter Sunday, seemingly at random in broad daylight in Cleveland, Ohio.

The murder and a video sparked outrage across the world and renewed scrutiny of the growing number of grisly videos being posted on social media.

Facebook removed the footage hours after the attack. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged that the world's largest social network had a role to play in stemming the worrisome trend.

Here is footage of him confessing to his sins