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London terror attack: 'Terrifying, we all ran'

The bodies that lay scattered on Westminster Bridge, London, told the horrible and brutal truth.

South Korea begins raising sunken Sewol ferry

Salvage operators began raising South Korea's sunken Sewol ferry Wednesday, officials said, nearly three years after the disaster killed more than 300 people and dealt a crippling blow to now-ousted president Park Geun-Hye.

Indian police arrest four over smuggling 18 human skeletons

Indian police have arrested four suspected corpse smugglers and recovered 18 intact skeletons and other bones believed exhumed from cemeteries in a notorious grave-robbing district, an official said Tuesday.

Trump to reaffirm NATO 'commitment' at May summit

The White House confirmed Tuesday that President Donald Trump will join fellow NATO leaders for a key May summit in Brussels, as the US administration seeks to quash questions about Trump's support for the alliance.

Brussels to mark bombings anniversary with defiance

Belgium on Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the Islamic State bombings in Brussels with ceremonies showing that the heart of Europe stands defiant.