I cannot believe Dali Mpofu is unaware of the diabolically evil connotations associated with rounding up an ethnic minority as a 'question' that implicitly need a solution.
Image: Gallo Images

Yesterday‚ Dali Mpofu‚ the frontal lobe of the EFF‚ published an opinion piece in The Daily Maverick.

I must confess that I didn’t read it all‚ partly because it was more than 6‚000 words long and life is short.

Indeed‚ I struggled to get much further than the fifth paragraph‚ the point at which the piece descended into parody when Mpofu accused various journalists of using “different media platforms to insult‚ undermine and even intimidate the leadership of the EFF”.

Intimidate? Poor ickle Julius! Poor Floyd diddums! Did the nasty writers who are read by 50‚000 people and have no legislative power say scary words to MPs with a million supporters? How frightening it must be to be so besieged by such a dangerous “mob”. (That last word was Mpofu’s‚ not mine. For future reference‚ if you disagree with the EFF on anything‚ you are part of the mob. So now you know.)

The main reason I failed to engage with Mpofu’s tome‚ however‚ was the phrase that gave the piece its headline and its entire argumentative thrust. Because Mpofu was writing about something he unblushingly described throughout the piece as “the Indian question”.