Love him or despise him, but don’t make a mistake: Julius Malema is no longer a fringe figure in SA policy making.
Image: Alastair Russell

Across the globe leaders who are politically very similar to Cyril Ramaphosa are losing elections and becoming yesterday’s men and women.

They are on the back foot. They are watching as political leaders who are a lot like Julius Malema win elections‚ step into office and implement policies that are dividing societies and undermining regional and continental pacts.

These are leaders who are not just taking power in their own countries but are using local voice and influence to reshape the global geopolitical architecture.

What does this say about our future political configuration in SA? We would be foolish to think that a populist‚ left-leaning or right-leaning leader will not rise to power here on the same basis. People are just tired of the ANC’s failures.

Jacob Zuma may have been wrong back in the early 2010s when he said Malema would be president of SA‚ but he wasn’t wrong about Malema’s significance.