President Cyril Ramaphosa during the 54th ANC National Conference that took place in Nasrec, Johannesburg on 16 December 2017.
Image: Masi Losi

Perhaps in his briefing folder for last week’s Brics summit in Sandton, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an article from The Times of India datelined July 23 2011.

It is headlined “Durban is largest ‘Indian city outside India’.” It notes that the UK and the US have the most overseas Indians in their countries. But of all the cities of the world, the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs states that “Durban has the highest concentration of Indians” living outside the Indian subcontinent.

This remarkable demographic fact, perhaps touched on by President Cyril Ramaphosa in bilateral chats with Modi, appears to have escaped notice by  the delegates to Ramaphosa’s ANC KwaZulu-Natal conference recently convened in the same city of Durban.

They managed to elect an entire slate of top five leaders without a single Indian among the select. Something very similar happened in Gauteng in July.

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