Mzwanele Manyi
Image: Alon Skuy
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Who killed Afro Worldview?

This week, as the news spread that Mzwanele Manyi’s network had met a sudden end after being booted off DStv, leaving about 350 staff jobless, there were many theories.

Some suggested that the channel was always to struggle given its reputation as a peddler of Zupta propaganda.

Others, like Tony Yengeni, alleged foul play.

“I’ve said many times before …” Yengeni tweeted on Tuesday, “White Monopoly Capital is a dangerous enemy of our people … those blacks who are supporting this treachery have lost their souls”.

Of course, a former supporter of Jacob Zuma accusing people of treachery and losing their souls is pretty rich, even by ANC standards.

Nonetheless, I have to admit that I can see why some people are feeling particularly bitter about the implosion of Manyi’s media empire.

After all, this ANN7 and its partially laundered replacement, Afro Worldview, were not South Africa’s first propaganda machines.

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