Eight people were killed after an explosion at the Rheinmetall Denel munitions factory in Somerset West on September 3, 2018.
Image: Twitter/@Dasilvatony
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A pastor has reached out to comfort the grieving community of Macassar‚ who lost loved ones in a massive explosion that destroyed part of a munitions factory near Cape Town.

Eight people were killed in the powerful explosion at the Rheinmetall Denel munitions factory on the outskirts of the city on Monday afternoon. Many Macassar residents worked at the plant.

Pastor Adrian Manuel reached out to the devastated community in a broadcast on Facebook on Monday evening.

“Today‚ a great tragedy has hit the community of Macassar‚ an explosion at the Denel munitions occurred… such a severe explosion that was felt throughout our community‚” he said.

“Tonight our heart goes out to all the family members that have lost loved ones. Our hearts go out to the family and we remember those great individuals. We know who they were. Husbands‚ wives‚ children… neighbours and members of the community. The loss of these lives has come as a great shock to our community.”

He said it was difficult speaking to families after the blast‚ as they were uncertain if their loved ones had perished in the explosion.

“In speaking to the family‚ the uncertainty… in their eyes‚ brought tears to ours‚” he added.

He urged residents to pray for the community. “As a community we will rise again‚ and we will recover.”

The community is expected to hold a prayer session outside the Denel facility in Macassar on Wednesday.

Rheinmetall said in a statement that the blast had “destroyed the entire building and the surrounding blast walls in which it happened”.

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At least eight people were killed in an explosion at a South African munitions depot in Somerset West, near Cape Town, but the cause of the incident was still unknown, a fire and rescue official said on Monday September 3 2018.
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