Cape Town City boss John Comitis.
Image: Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix
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There is a perception they have a turbulent relationship but Cape Town City boss John Comitis says he works well with Premier Soccer League (PSL) chair Dr Irvin Khoza. 

The no-nonsense Comitis had widely publicised run-ins with the PSL when he signed SportPesa and FNB sponsorship deals, and the furore created an impression he doesn’t have a good relationship with Khoza. 

He has clarified that he works well with and has a lot of admiration for Khoza for the work he has done for football, but he stands firm on matters he feels strongly about. 

“It is fantastic,” he said of his working relationship with Khoza. 

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John Comitis talks about his love for football, his relationship with Dr Irvin Khoza, how to run a football club successfully, what makes Cape Town City tick, the relationship between PSL and SAFA, how he has made money by selling players and MORE.
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“I have had a 20-year relationship with the chair and we understand each other, but we box when we have to box. I have learned a lot from him and he has pioneered this industry into a stable environment. 

“It is something the rest of Africa hasn’t been able to achieve in the way we have done it here. He protects it (the league) because it took a lot to get it to where it is today.  

“I understand that and we are part and parcel of the growth. Sometimes you need to push to get things done and I am prepared to push.” 

Comitis has built CT City into one of the exciting football brands in the country. 

“To me it doesn’t seem difficult to run a football club because I have been doing it all my life but I understand where the shortfalls are. The most important part of running a football club is to have an impeccable administration. 

“You must have an administration that attends to every detail on a consistent basis because the devil is in the detail. At this club you must get an answer within 24 hours and this is the motto I use with all my staff. 

“If somebody wants to know something or be involved, you must give them a solution within 24 hours. Either to say thanks but no thanks or to say let’s get involved. 

“Don’t let people call and there is no answer because you will never know where an opportunity is going to come from. Every person has something to offer, everyone who calls this club is interested and they care about this club in some way. 

“The next thing you have an avenue to sell players in the Middle East, you have a deal for R15m that can start building your clubhouse. Don’t underestimate what other people can do for your club. 

“The administration of this club is always on its toes. I always say football never sleeps. I call you in the middle of the night or in the morning, you must react and deal with it. It is either we shelve it or we continue.” 


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