Actress Nandi Mbatha in a winning look by Quiteria Atelier at the Sun Met 2020.
Image: Ziyaad Douglas/Gallo Images
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Forget the real horses at the Sun Met 2002, we're here to talk about the clothes horses.

Celebs were in rather short supply as the crowds descended on Cape Town's Kenilworth Racecourse on Saturday for “Africa's Richest Race Day”. Those who did attend had varied interpretations of this year's dress code, 'African Luxury: Visionaries'.

Here's which famous faces stood out for all the right — and wrong — reasons:



The Isithembiso actress's vibrant yellow dress left us speechless. Some may say she didn't stick to the theme, but what could be more visionary than this? It was perfect for the weather, avant garde yet actually wearable, and exactly the sort of piece we'd imagine you'd find in the wardrobe of a modern Wakandan queen. We applaud her tongue-in-chic hairstyle too.

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We're loving these social media influencers' take on twinning, which sees them wearing co-ordinating looks that aren't overly matchy and so still allow them to show off their individual styles.

Their outfits are an example of 'African chic' done right: there's nothing costumey, gimmicky or kitsch about them. It was also a clever move to opt for that shade of muted gold as a base: it really allows that stunning print to be the star of the show.


The How Do I Look? SA presenter has really upped her fashion game in the last year. Her beautifully-draped dress was supremely flattering, and that shade of peach set off her colouring to perfection. She gave a nod to African queens with a 'crown' headpiece that came across as classy rather than overly costumey.



Yawn! We've seen this sort of beauty pageant gown on the celeb a thousand times before. While we suppose the sparkle makes it luxurious, there's nothing visionary or particularly African about this look to tie in with the race day's theme. A real disappointment from Queen B.


Remember how the social media fashion police hated on J-Lo's bow dress from the Golden Globes? Well, we have a contender for an even worse bow dress: Tarina Patel's Sun Met look.

Thanks to all that shiny, creased fabric, The Real Housewives of Johannesburg star looks like a Christmas present that sat under the tree for a little too long. Her headpiece is also a bit random and somewhat lame.

Her make-up is on point, though — we need to get the number of her eyebrow technician.


Funnyman Siv Ngesi tried too hard with this outfit. There's too much happening, nothing is simpatico and everything is screaming for attention. With no focal point, we don't know where to look — other than away, and quickly.


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